The members of the Southwest District Athletic Board created this award in 2013 to honor those individuals who give much to local school athletic programs.  Nominations are taken during the month of December.  School personnel can nominate and the board then selects the recipients from the nominations.  Criteria is that the nominee has given a minimum of twenty-five (25) years of service to a school.


Mr. John Borchers

John has been in charge of the chain gang at Tippecanoe High School for the past thirty-one years. He has had the pleasure to watch many good Red Devil Football teams and players. If the Red Devils failed to get a first down by inches, John did not stretch  the chain far enough. Mr. Borchers was nominated by Mr. Matt Shomper, Athletic Director, Tippecanoe High School.

Mr. Randy Conover

Randy introduced videotaping to replace 8mm filming at Northeastern High School in 1982. He first started videoing football, and basketball followed. He estimates that he now videos one hundred and fifty sporting events per year. He is often asked to share videos with different groups, including the state office of the Ohio HIgh School Athletic Association. He considers his compensation to be the fulfillment of watching athletes and coaches reach ultimate goals. Mr. Conover was nominated by Mr. Mike Kirk, Athletic Director, Clermont Northeastern High School.


Mr. Roger Hoover

Roger is the scorekeeper at the Brookville Blue Devil basketball games. He has fulfilled these duties since the 1980ís. Another task that he performs admirably is heading up the parking crew at football games. He says that he innocently got involved in these activities as his sons were competing, and somehow he never graduated. He says that his labors have been filled with love in watching young people mature and later sending their own children through the program. Mr. Hoover was nominated by Mr.Mike Lindsey, Athletic Director, Brookville High School.

Mr. Gary Rinehart

In 1982, Gary volunteered to keep the scorebook in basketball at Wilmington High School. Three years later he started to keep the book for the freshmen, reserve, and varsity games, and then for a span of three years he did this for both girls and boys. In 2010, he retired from his scorekeeping service, and  he often wonders how he kept up with all the schedules. He still is the scorekeeper for the Division III Wilmington Girlís Basketball tournament. Mr. Rinehart was nominated by Mr. Ed Blohm, Wilmington High School, Athletic Director.


Mr. Ralph Sininger

Ralph has been the basketball scorekeeper for forty-seven years at Georgetown High School. He has been elected to both the Georgetown High School and Brown County Halls of Fame. Mr. Singinger is synonymous with Georgetown basketball. It has often been said that you can not play a Georgetown High School game until Ralph is in the gymnasium. Mr. Sininger was nominated by Mr. Robert Lane, Athletic Director, Georgetown High School.

Mr. Earl Smith

Earl has manned the finish line for Eaton High School at Cross Country meets for twenty-seven years. He has been the announcer at track meets for the same number of years. He has occupied the scorekeeper seat in basketball for thirty years. Just recently he retired from the chain gang after fifty years of service. All of these years have been given at Eaton High School, his alma mater.  Earl has also been a statistician for the Southwest District basketball games at the University of Dayton arena. Mr. Smith was nominated by Eaton High School Athletic Director, Mr. Eric Silverman.